We provide the following services:

  • Manufacture of tailored ski clothing

    Racing ski suits, ski shorts, ski jackets, and other ski apparel and other sports apparel tailored to fit you.

  • Original design for ski wear

    We can print your logo, your partner's logo, etc., or a motif on the racing ski suits and ski wear that we manufacture, according to your wishes. We use the latest digital technologies in our work, thus enabling the production of one original piece.

  • Individual approach

    Every customer is treated individually. We fully respect the wishes of the client. Each customer may choose the material, its colour, cut, type of printing, etc.

  • Warranty service, customer service, repairs

    Warranty and post-warranty service is a matter of course. We also carry out repairs.

We manufacture ski racing suits and other ski apparel

We manufacture and sell ski racing suits for alpine skiing and cross country skiing, as well as clothing for in-line skating. All our suits for alpine skiing can be produced from one of three Swiss materials: 1) BASIC – Suitable for all ski clubs and ski amateurs 2) FIS – material with FIS certification (International Ski Federation), 3) THERMO – material with HUSKY-FLEECE lining. We produce and sell not only DON QUIET racing ski suits, but other ski clothing as well – ski jackets and ski pants. We also produce hooded ski jackets, shorts, and tights for long distance skiing. We make ski clothing ​​for racing teams; our ski apparel is suitable for professionals (e.g. mountain or normal rescue) as well as ski schools, but also for individuals who want high quality ski wear with excellent material properties.

Racing ski suits, ski jackets

Racing ski suits, ski suits, and other ski clothes are manufactured based on an original design which we can propose to you individually. We manufacture racing ski suits, ski jackets, ski pants and other products using the latest digital computer technology; this allows us to create original artwork for racing ski suits, ski jackets, ski pants, and other ski apparel. We use only quality certified materials that meet our high demands in the production of our racing ski suits and other ski apparel.

Ski clothing - ski shorts

Ski shorts used by competitors warm up your muscles during training, and they also protect the ski suit from abrasion. Ski shorts also work very well in terms of aesthetics. We sew our ski shorts from premium materials from top manufacturers. Our ski shorts have the best features – they have a membrane, are highly water resistant, and of course have excellent breathability. Ski shorts are supplied in sizes 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 158, 164, 170, 176, S, M, L, XL and XL.

Ski wear - tights for long distance skiing

We manufacture ski tights using French Rossignol materials ​​in a wide range of colours. Ski tights are intended for the general public. Ski tights are supplied in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Ski clothing – DON QUIET ski suits

Our ski suits (ski jackets and full zip ski pants) are sewn from Soft Shell material. This is material from the Swiss company Schoeller. Compared with conventional soft-shells, which are braided, this material is woven, thus resistant to coatings. It is a three-layer laminated material with intelligent membrane. The material from which the ski suits are made also contains Cordura, a fiber which makes it very resistant to abrasion. Our ski clothing is easy to maintain and is highly breathable, and its elasticity allows for freedom of movement. The ski wear is nano-coated, meaning that the material from which the ski clothing is produced is repellent to water and dirt. The ski jackets have detachable hood and sleeves, and the ski pants have a side full zipper.

Our DON QUIET ski set is designed for the most demanding needs

Each of our DON QUIET ski sets is developed for the needs of the most demanding customers, from competitors and ski experts. Our DON QUIET ski suits are appreciated in rapidly changing weather, snow, and high wind. Our DON QUIET ski suits (ski jackets and ski pants) are intended for all who place the highest standards on their clothes and expose them to extreme stress even in adverse weather conditions, for active movement the entire day.

We sew ski jackets and ski pants

Our ski jackets and ski pants meet all user needs. We offer ski jackets and ski pants in a wide range of sizes, and special sizes are not a problem. Due to 3XDRY treatment, the material is not only water-repellent but also waterproof (water resistant). This material is Schoeller's absolute bestseller. It has won awards for outstanding products, particularly good products, and above average performance. The tests showed a high performance and superior wear resistance.